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Rich V.

I have had mixed reactions about chiropractors for years but Dr. Kole made me change my mind. Have been seeing Dr. Kole for a couple years now and he has been great and always looks out for his patient's best interests. He is very friendly and very easy to talk and comes highly recommended

Aaron W.

I've always heard mixed reactions about seeing a Chiropractor, so when I first started to consider seeing one I was a little hesitant. I had some minor lower back pain that seemed to not go away over about a month of dealing with it. I stay really active with sports and exercising so I didn't want it to get worse or linger on forever. My mom recommended seeing Dr. Kole because she had a friend who had seen him.

My experience at his facility has been nothing but top notch. Dr. Kole sits down with you and answers all your questions. He doesn't make you feel as if you only get a few minutes of his time so he can buzz off to help someone else. Even though I came in there for back pain (which has been progressively feeling better after a few visits), he's helped with some knee pain as well. It's amazing how your body reacts when your joints get re-aligned! He has also given me recommendations on things to do at home or at the gym to avoid future injuries. The sessions also include a massage
afterwards which is amazing. I actually really look forward to all of my appointments. I've never been to another Chiropractor so I can't compare prices, but he seems very reasonable. You can't put a price on health!

Sarah D

I stumbled upon Dr. Kole's website while looking for a reputable place to take a dear friend who was in pain. After looking at the website, I called the office and spoke to Dr. Kole himself. Even over the phone, I had a great feeling about taking my friend there. Dr. Kole was very compassionate and understanding of my friend's needs and took the time to explain everything we needed to know before and after the session. My friend has since visited him for treatments and is almost 100% recovered from her injury. I will definitely recommend Dr. Kole to anyone who has back problems. He really cares about his patients.

Erin C

Dr. Kole was amazing at helping me after going through several abdominal surgeries. I admit, I was skeptical when going in due to past experiences with chiropractic... However, Dr. Kole was so great at taking in my specific situation and adjusting to my personal needs. He was gentle when needed, and helped me recover from some serious back pain caused by so much time in a hospital bed. Thank you Dr. Kole! I hope to come by again soon!!

I was very sick and going through a lot of major abdominal surgeries. My back was killing me from the hospital beds, but I couldn't find a chiropractor who could adjust me without hurting my surgery sites and causing me more fear and discomfort. When I went to try Dr. Kole for the first time I was both nervous and skeptical. Wow, was I wrong! Not only did he make me feel at ease, but his adjustment blew me away!!!

Dr. Kole was able to modify his technique to fit my exact needs. The adjustment was gentle and precise at the same time! I never felt afraid for my surgery sites. And even with the modified adjustment, it was the most relief I've experienced from a chiropractor in years!!! All of the tension and pain that had been plaguing me was released, and I felt the benefits from the adjustment for some time afterward!

Thank you so much Dr. Kole for helping me! I only wish I lived closer so I could get adjusted by you all the time.

PS. I forgot to add somewhere in my praise to Dr. Kole that he is also the most down to earth relate-able chiropractor you will ever meet. It makes you feel very at ease in his office :) This quality is very important to me in someone who is essentially helping to heal me, and guide me to better health...